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Poinçonneuses manuelles HPM 500


spare parts

The manual Punching Machine HPM 500, strong and compact, is the right solution for the Customer who produce prototypes, series of little details or who need to perforate plates without keeping busy other machines in production.
It is equipped with a cylinder of 30 or 50Tons and the big advantage of the machine is that you can assemble it on different connections: Trumpf®, Rainer®, Fim®, Ficep®, Omera® and Geka®. With these mentioned characteristics you can do even big holes with unique punch.

Their main characterics are:

  • Stainless Steel’s Wide tablework,
  • Rapid change Tools’ holder,
  • Two protractors with inclination from 0 , + 45° a – 45°,
  • Millimeters made of brass for he two axis operation,
  • Limit PMS – PMI,
  • Manual cycle selector, single and continuous
  • Wide drawer for swarfs,
  • Manual Clamping for punch and matrix,
  • Trumpf®, Rainer® Ficep®, Fim®, punch connection.

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