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Cintreuses hydrauliques conventionnelles MP

High Speed CNC Press Brake:

The structure of IMAC’s press brakes is in electro welded steel normalized before the assembly.
The stretches of the structure are eliminated after the welding by decreasing the flexions and the deformations of the table and of the structure itself.
The back gauge beam is in rugged material and guarantees maximum steadiness.
The construction of the back gauge, of the drive system of the stroke, of the ball screws, of the brushless motor in alternate current and of the encoder, is realized in order to get continuous production and to keep the starting exactness for the entire life of the press brake machine.

– Contracted style of the new industrial design, simple and generous appearence
-The latest high frequency response hydraulic control technology, stable precision and more reliable running performance
– Heat treatment of the frame, high rigid design worktable, optional mechanical compensation device, realizing the precise bending process
– The best parameter matching, the core of the optimal configuration, guarantee the stable performance and easier operation STANDARD CONFIGURATION
– Adopt DELEM DA52S from the Netherlands
– Hydraulic system adopt full loop electro-hydraulic servo synchronized control system from Germany
– Backgauge has one axis as standard, X axis move forward and backward, R axis make upward and downward by hand, finger-stop can move easily along cylindrical guide
– Adopt mechanical clamping and European type upper tooling, 2-V quick change bottom die
– Front support can be adjusted along worktable by step

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