Imac Italia 
Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l.
Via Aldo Moro, 33 – 41043 Formigine (MO)
Tel. +39 059 511301 – Fax. +39 059 511318

Cintreuses électriques MPX

The series of IMAC ELECTRIC BENDING MACHINES are the latest generation of bending machines that combine lower consumption, lower maintenance with high efficiency and reliability.

■ The new concept of press brake that offers lower power consumption, less maintenance with high efficency and reliability.
■ Advanced CNC controller 2D that guaranties quick and easy setup and auto calculation of the bend sequence.
■ 2 servo motors synchronized transfer the power by the help of belt and pulleys. During the upper beam movement the motors coil the belt to the main pulley and applies the bending force.

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