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Punzonadoras de torretas MDC


  • CNC controller is 840D from SIEMENS, Germany, servo driver for X, Y, T and C axis also adopt SIEMENS.
  • Hydraulic system is full set from H+L, Germany.
  • Standard tool station number: 40LA2(D). 2 Autoindex in D stations.
  • Equipped with automatic side-positioning device when locating the shee
  • Equipped with moveable floating manual clamping
  • Equipped with automatic lubricati
  • Equipped with fixed brush wor
  • Equipped with automatic strip-off detector, clamp-se
  • Equipped with light and worktable for replacing tool
  • Supplying often-use internal hexagonal key spanner for adjusting tool
  • Machine paint is polyurethane paint, principle color: red and black painti

It has functions of punching, forming, rib wheel, rolling shear, rolling pincher and marking etc.)

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