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FL press brake

The structure is in electro welded steel normalized before the assembly. The stretches of the structure are eliminated after the welding by decreasing the flexions and the deformations of the table and of the structure itself.
The back gauge beam is in rugged material and guarantees maximum steadiness. The construction of the back gauge, of the drive system of the stroke, of the ball screws, of the brushless motor in alternate current and of the encoder, is realized in order to get continuous production and to keep the starting exactness for the entire life of the press brake machine.

The FL IMAC press brake will be equipped with:

  • Structure in electro welded steel. Main motors, and servo proportional valves of Rexroth (Germany),
  • The linear encoder made by HEIDENHEIM (Germany) assembled on a C structure is installed apart from the main body to get a very precise positioning,
  • Easy to block device for the
    punch, self-centring heavy table for the matrices,
  • The axes Y and X are controlled by a Delem 41 or 51 CNC, hydraulic cylinders in steel equipped with high quality gaskets, back gauge is driven by two servo motors with two ball screws and is fitted on linear guides,
  • Certification with CE label,
  • Use and maintenace guide.
  • A set of slide type 101/88 and 7 caves 201/88 matrix.

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