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Electric Press Brakes MPX Series

  • Sliding front supports adjustable and movable for any kind
    of bending process.
  • The close“O”frame system ensures more rigidity and
    consequently no deformation under force, for better bending
  • Foot pedal for bending operation with emergency stop and
    advanced safety light curtain for easy operation without any
    risk for the operator.The beam automatically starts when the
    material is in position and the light clear.
  • CNC Controller ESA S 660 W
    19”high resolution touch screen with multi touch functionality
    24Vdc 100W max power supply – Hard disk 20GB
    DELEM controller with 3D visualisation upon request
  • Special back gauge system with high accuracy and high
    speed servo motors.The X axis reach up to 1000 mm stroke.
    R axis has 140 mm stroke and 300 mm/sec speed, Z1 and
    Z2 Axis has 1000 mm/sec speed. Each linear guided movement
    system to guaranty long life accurate movement.
  • Six different axis for an individual movement of the back gauge.
    X-X’-R tilting from finger
    X1 X2 R tilting from the bar
    X-R-Z1-Z2 individual finger movement from CNC
    X-X’-R-Z1-Z2 individual finger movement from CNC and X movement from finger +1 00mm
    X1 X2 R Z1 Z2 tilting from the bar and indivdual finger movement
  • Manual clamping system with X(Tx) alignment for universal upper
    Max load head 180 T/meter
    Shoulders 250 T/meter
    Standard with cover strip with scale
  • Bottom tool holder with manual clamping system.
    Shoulder load 200 T/meter. Alignment Ty. Suitable for new standard
    single V-tools.
    Optional adattamento B2, UPB or B3 bolt-down mounting
  • Hydraulic clamping system with X(Tx) alignment for universal upper
    beam. Max load head 180 T/meter, shoulders 250 T/meter.
    Standard with cover strip with scale, guards, hydraulic power pack
  • Centrally adjustable crowning with hydraulic clamping for the universal
    beam with X(Tx) and Y(Ty) alignment.
    Shoulder load 200 T/meter.

The new concept of press brake that offers lower power consumption, less maintenance with high efficency and reliability. ■ Advanced CNC controller 2D that guaranties quick and easy setup and auto calculation of the bend sequence. ■ 2 servo motors synchronized transfer the power by the help of belt and pulleys. During the upper beam movement the motors coil the belt to the main pulley and applies the bending force.

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