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Combi notchers



The combi notcher IMAC are the prefect machine for every needs.

The oleodynamic working through 2 cylinders and 5 guides allows an absolute rigidity of the notching
group and guarantees the chance of notching without removing the punch in the punching station.
– Automatic adjustment of the blade gap from 1 mm to 6 mm,
– A large and rigid worktable with directional triple functions engraved brass scales for measuring the various types of notches.,
– Squaring guides equipped with reference holes every 15°,
– A configuration of the blades-holder head allowing upper cuts longer than the blade length,
– 5 T slots of which 4 are equipped with brass scales on the working table to enable the operator to use disappearing references and to obtain complex notching,
– The machine is equipped with an electronic stroke adjuster with digital reading
– A cutting zone protection sheet in Polycarbonate that gives you uninhibited sight of the working area while assuring your maximum safety,
– A control board from which it’s possible to select the single stroke working or shot working in order to make it easy to personalize and optimize the time thanks also to the electronic stroke adjuster which sets a limit to the stroke to a pre-arranged position according to the requirements,
– Internal stroke to turn the notching machine into a small shearing machine in order to get straps with a maximum length of 200 mm,
– The machine is equipped with 2 boxes to collect the swarf .

– A quick change tool holder model Trumf®, Rainer® o Fim ®,
– Neck depth from 300 mm,
– Punching machine of 20 Ton,
– Electronic device to reduce the down stroke speediness and let the operator carry out even complex workings like small bendings and deformations,
– An optional special adapter to house bending tools up to a maximum length of 415 mm or 830 mm,
– Brass scales for the two axis reading.

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