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Reliability, high quality, and flexibility are fundamental in one of the most delicate phases of sheet metal machining,  namely, cutting. Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. IMAC Italia hydraulic shears guarantee high quality standards in technical terms and meet all cutting needs.

The IMAC Italia by Lodesani & Carreri Srl hydraulic shears line is the result of continuous experience acquired by the company during its pursuit of solutions for its customers’ various needs. There are numerous models available, all designed to meet and satisfy the customers’ multiple requirements.  IMAC Italia hydraulic shears, by Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l., feature great flexibility of use as they offer:

  • cutting blade options based on the thickness and breaking load of the metal sheet to be cut;
  • blade travel adjustable lengthways to perform rework cutting or to reduce machining times;
  • constant cutting capacity along the entire blade;
  • uniformly distributed sheet press cylinder pressure  with automatic adjustment based on sheet thickness.

IMAC Italia by Lodesani & Carreri Srl hydraulic shears quality and experience at the service of businesses

IMAC Italia always chooses the best products to guarantee durable and technologically advanced machines.  The years of experience of its engineers and the continuous research and internal development contribute to the continuous improvement of the entire  IMAC Italia team and innovation of its products, including its hydraulic shears. IMAC Italia builds hydraulic shears and other machines  for processing metal sheet that are both technologically advanced and user friendly. Discover all the offerings in Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. IMAC Italia, and contact us for further information. Plus, check out  the section dedicated to previously owned models and special deals. With  IMAC Italia you can find all the machinery for processing sheet metal at the right price, with guaranteed quality and continuous assistance.