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Bevelling machines

All IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Beveller, offered by Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l.,  allow users to bevel edges prior to welding, working quickly and accurately on linear plates (made of various materials) and large pipes. Different models allow bevels with different angles and different thicknesses.

Some of our bevelling machines can work in both an upright position and overturned. They can be supported by a bridge crane or mounted on a special undercarriage (accessory) which can be used for travel and support when machining long, heavy, and large pieces. Thanks to a wide range of Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Bevellers,  suitable for any customer need or request, bevels can be made with various angles by simply changing a roller (kit supplied as an accessory) according to different machining requirements.

Give us a call or send an email for more information. Or  simply ask our specialist staff for a hassle-free quote, specifying all your company’s needs.

Choose IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Beveller by Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l.

Our Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. IMAC Italia bevelling machines guarantee hygiene and safety by performing cold bevelling which is noise-free and produces no harmful dust or fumes. We also have a wide range of  bevelling machines available to suit each company’s manufacturing needs. These can be broken down in permanent angle and variable angle models, depending on the use needed. More specifically, the most popular bevelling machine models are the CB 18 30°, the CB 25,  and the CBV 18, which offers a variable angle.

With IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Beveller Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l., you can rest assured that you are buying a superior quality sheet metal processing machine. Plus, our service staff aim for complete customer satisfaction regardless of the customer’s need,  that’s why you should choose an IMAC Italia bevelling machine.

Fixed angle bevelling machine and variable angle bevelling machines