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IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Notchers are an asset for any sheet metal processing facility. It is mainly used for cutting rounded corners on a sheet of metal.  The success of this IMAC Italia machine, offered on the national market by Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l., is due to its versatility, precision, solidity and ease of use. IMAC Italia machines are unbeatable when it comes to the precision of the machining. They offer the same level of accuracy on all kinds of material and an absolutely  burr-free  finish at the end of the job.

Fixed and Variable angle Notchers are usually done to allow a sheet to be bent or folded on all four sides, preventing  interference between the edges during bending. The IMAC Italia notching machine  usually features a support bench for the sheet and the cutting tool, which works at a fixed or – in more versatile models – variable angle. The notching machine may also be equipped with an accessory for punching or bending/folding, in which case it is called a combined notching machine. IMAC Italia produces all three models, giving customers a varied choice.

IMAC Italia Fixed and Variable angle Notchers … choose quality

The sturdy framework, made with a single cast, guarantees  the whole machine a longer working life and perfect blade alignment. Not just that, our IMAC Italia Notchers also require no lubrication and virtually no maintenance. This offers a great advantage over alternative devices as it means lower costs with greater benefits.  In fact, customers can  buy an accurate, reliable machine without any further maintenance costs. The following section includes some of our best offerings. What’s more, during certain periods customers also have the opportunity to purchase  previously owned IMAC Italia notching machines and machines on special offer.  Get in touch to find out what is available and ask for a no-hassle customised quote free of charge.

Fixed angle notchers,variable angle notchers and combi.


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