Imac Italia 
Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l.
Via Aldo Moro, 33 – 41043 Formigine (MO)
Tel. +39 059 511301 – Fax. +39 059 511318


Founded in 1973, IMAC Italia designs, develops, builds, and sells conventional and CNC machines for sheet metal processing. The range includes notching machines, bevelling machines, punching machines, shears, bending/folding machines, and laser machines. The years of experience of IMAC Italia’s engineers and the continuous research and internal development contribute to the continuous improvement of  the entire staff. What’s more, the company frequently invests in innovation and quality control for its products.  IMAC Italia builds machines that are both technologically advanced and user friendly. This means their products are useful for any kind of company involved with sheet metal machining, for whom they become fast, accurate, and reliable suppliers.

IMAC Italia: the reliability of an Italian brand within the international market

IMAC Italia is one of the most prestigious brands in the Italian market for manual punching machines, notching machines and bevelling machines for sheet metal. All IMAC-brand machinery is custom-designed to meet the needs and requirements of each customer. It is also intended to accompany and support users in all the challenges thrown to them by the market and competitors. What we really care about is understanding and meeting all our customers’ different requests, guiding them quickly and competently towards the solution that best meets their needs.

Every machine undergoes strict quality control checks to ensure it works exactly as it should. The customer assistance team handles any kind of request, and even  assists customers interested in buying previously owned or retrofitted machines , as well as machines on special offer. This means we provide the right product at the right price, based on our customers’ requests. IMAC Italia is a go-to name in Italy and abroad for industries in which technology is constantly refreshed and at the centre of a market that is increasingly attentive to quality, production speed, and man-machine synergies and ergonomics.