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Punching machines

Demand in the market is pushing companies involved in metalworking to produce ever-smaller components. Product quality must be maintained and  processing costs reduced. For this reason, more and more companies are looking for the precision and high production standards of equipment  like IMAC Italia CNC & manual punching machines. These offer users a multitude of applications,  from punching to nibbling, bending to threading.

IMAC Italia CNC punching machines are equipped with a Multitool system which selects tools automatically from  a collection of 4, 6, or 10 tools. For greater flexibility, the machine can also house Amada turret punches. Using an adapter available on request, the machine can also house individual Trumpf  punches and other makes of punches.  Again, with appropriate adapters, single punches can also be fitted into stations D – C – B – A.

IMAC Italia CNC & manual punching machines –   quality and ease of use

The CNC feature with graphical interface makes programming the machine simple and intuitive. Using this touch screen, the operator can program the simplest and most commonly used operations  in the field,  such as single and in-line punching, bored grates, circular and linear nibbling, openings, notching, and all other procedures in line with the work needs. The punch stroke  is adjusted automatically and can be set via  the software, with automatic correction based on thickness.

IMAC Italia by Lodesani & Carreri S.r.l. has also decided to offer (optional) software that allows users to store the programs either on a USB key on directly on the internal hard disk or to connect the machine’s CNC feature to the company network. Users can even create complex designs on another PC, using CAD/CAM programs, and then import the files onto the machine. This option helps make the machine even easier to use.